New long-term strategy for COVID-19

You will be aware that New Zealand will move to a new, long-term approach to COVID-19.

These changes have been made based on public health advice and reflect high levels of immunity and declining case numbers across New Zealand.

These will be the changes at school:

Mask wearing by staff and students will now become a personal choice.

If you have a case of COVID 19 in your household and your children are close contacts, you now have two options:

  • Keep your children at home for the seven days. After that time if they are still symptom free send them to school.
  • If they are symptom free you also have the option of sending them to school but you must complete a RAT test on your child each day before attending school for five days in a row.

Please choose the option that works for you. If your children are well, we want them to be here every day possible.

Information on how to get RAT kits can be found here:

All the other recommended public health measures will stay in place as we know they reduce the spread of infectious illnesses including COVID-19. These include ensuring our indoor spaces are well-ventilated, maintaining good hand hygiene, encouraging everyone to cough or sneeze into elbows and, most importantly, staying home and getting tested if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

Thank you for your ongoing support in protecting our community.