We have two crossings monitored by signals and road patrol monitors at Makora Road and Westgate Drive entrances. There is also a teacher available at both crossings to ensure safety. Crossings are monitored in the morning from 8.25am-8.55am and in the afternoon from 2.55pm – 3.10pm.

The school carpark is for staff cars only. For the safety of our children, PLEASE DO NOT attempt to drop you child/ren anywhere near our front gate – this causes terrible congestion on the busy road and blocking the road, turning into driveways, pulling up on the road in front of our gate or bus stop area is dangerous and causing concern.

This area will soon be monitored by the police and infringement tickets will be issued.

The safest and quietest spots to drop your children are at the back entrance to the school in Bonney Crescent which is off Westgate Drive.

Please support us while we work to keep your children safe.

Late Arrival: All students that arrive late need to sign in at the office and take a late slip to their teacher.

Early Pick Up: Please report to the office to sign your children out. You will be required to use the VISTAB Device, which can be found at the front office counter. You will then be given a card to take to your child’s teacher.