This enrolment form is for Royal Road School and is the first stage of enrolling your child at our school.

Please provide a copy of the eligibility document for your child.  This can be either:

  • NZ birth certificate or NZ passport (if NZ citizen), or
  • Overseas Passport and student visa or residency permit (if the child is not a NZ citizen)

You also need to provide:

  • Immunisation certificate
  • Custody arrangement documents (if applicable)

These documents can be uploaded during the completion of the enrolment form.  When all information for your child is received and correct, our enrolments officer will make contact within 1-2 working days.

To enrol please complete the following form:

Royal Road School Enrolment Form


Royal Road School is now zoned, so before completing the enrolment forms you will need to check the map of our zone and the list of streets within the zone to establish whether or not your child is eligible for enrolment.  We are not currently accepting out of zone enrolments. The following documentation will be required at enrolment:

  1. Child’s birth certificate or passport
  2. Copy of your child’s immunisation record
  3. If you are not a NZ citizen you will need to bring your child’s passport containing their residency or student visa.
  4. Proof of address – tenancy agreement, power or water bill, rates account, bank statement etc.
In Zone Map