Our School Values:

SUSTAINABILITY – We maintain a tidy environment and put things back in their proper place

PRIDE IN ACHIEVEMENT – We complete work to a high standard. We share with others, good things about our work and listen to others about their work.

AROHA – We show love to others through including them in our activities, speaking in a kind voice and sticking up for them when others are mean.

RESPECT – We treat others as we want to be treated. We listen to the speaker. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

KIA kAHA – I know the right things to do and do them despite the actions of others.

Students receive ‘clicks’ on a card each time they are seen showing a SPARK expectation.

25 clicks = a Bronze Award

50 clicks = a Silver Award

100 clicks = a Gold Award

SPARK – our schools value system

Royal Road School operates a very strong values system that is now in its fourth year.

These values are actively taught in class, assemblies and house meetings. They are modelled by staff. They are a common school language when dealing with behaviour, both positive and negative.

SPARK stands for

S Sustainability
P Pride
A Aroha
R Respect
K Kia Kaha

Each year SPARK is relaunched with fanfare and the students are issued with SPARK cards. When the students are seen demonstrating one of the values by a staff member, they are given a click on their card. After 25 clicks they receive their bronze certificate at assembly. The lower Juniors win a prize. The rest of the school receive a voucher for free time for which they can negotiate with their Teacher.

After 50 clicks they receive their silver certificate at assembly and then take part in a special Ice cream party in the staffroom with all the trimmings – this is very popular with the students!

Then the students must get another 50 clicks to get to gold. This is real achievement and about 25 students managed this last year. They are given their Gold certificate at assembly, with appropriate fanfare, and are able to order their own pizza and spend the afternoon playing interactive video games.